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What is Far-Infrared (FIR)?

According to NASA, far-infrared is absolutely necessary and essential for the growth of healthy living cells. It is the vital ray from the Universe for life and healing. The far-infrared (5~25 microns infrared spectrums of the Sun) is very similar to the vibration of our healthy life force, Ki, and is considered the safest and most beneficial wave form. FIR is part of the sun's ray that is invisible to the eye.

What is Onnetsu Far-Infrared Therapy?

Far-infrared Onnetsu therapy is based on the modern science of far-infrared and the ancient traditional Japanese conecept that all unhealthy cells are cold due to the lack of energy. During the Onnetsu treatment, we search for those cold parts deep inside our body and apply the fair-infrared vibration with proper heat until it reaches the core and starts warming the cells.

The Onnetsuki Device

Dr. Mitsui invented the first hand held device that effectively used this precise focused range of FIR to rejuvenate these cells, promote blood circulation, and improve Ki flow. Recently, Dr. Kazuko increased the depth penetration from 4 inches to 10 inches through the body.

The Healing

By moving the onnetsuki over the body, the patient experiences some areas as "HOT" because the cells there are "COLD" and the sensation manifests as "HOT". By applying the Onnetsuki onto these areas repeatedly, the FIR energy goes deep inside the body giving energy to these cells and tissues. When the heat penetrates and warms the cells healing begins.


The Onnetsuki Device